Katja Noordam

Gay Pride Bogota pokes fun at macho Colombia

August 2005 -

Many Bogota residents said it was a disgrace: secondary school pupils singing their way out of the closet to announce their lesbian identities, gays dressed as soldiers and bishops on carnival floats and drag queens provoking onlookers: all this and more at the Gay Pride Parade 2005.


European Manifesto for minority media

March 2004 -

Thousands of media organisations for and by immigrants are active in the European Union. However, their existence is frequently threatened


Brazilian girls learn to break through taboos with photos and video

September 2003 -

Photographing their living environment forces girls to think about the role patterns in which they grew up. That is the idea behind this new initiative.


Helping build Colombia’s future with hiphop

August 2003 -

At the end of July the Enlace Hiphop School was officially presented to the public in the centre of Bogotá. Workshops offer Colombian young people a way out of poverty and social problems.

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