Alfred Marseille

Donor Conference Culture and Development in Oslo

April 2005 -

In March 2005 the second donor conference on Culture and Development was organized in Oslo, with policy makers from Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland.


Freemuse, freedom of musical expression

april 2005 -

Music without censorship.


Biblio: A Review of Books

march 2005 -

Indian magazine about literature and other expressions of culture.


National commission on Culture: Ghana

february 2005 -

Art, heritage and beer bottle-top shooting games.

Culture Ghana

World Trade agreements threaten cultural diversity

December 2004 -

The trade agreements made by the World Trade Organisation, including the GATS are oriented toward liberalisation of the global market. These agreements also apply to the cultural sector. This makes it increasingly difficult for countries to support their own artists and cultural institutions with subsidy funding or other measures.


Erasmus Prize awarded to Islamic thinkers

November 2004 -

In November, three Islamic thinkers were awarded the Erasmus Prize 2004. They are Sadik Jalal Al-Azm from Syria, Fatema Mernissi from Morocco and Abdulkarim Soroush from Iran. The theme of this year's award was 'Religion and modernity'. The prizewinners are all very involved in the modernisation processes going on within Islam.


Culture and Public Action

october 2004 -

Website in connection with book on culture in development co-operation and foreign aid.

Culture and public action

Prince Claus Film Grant 2004 awarded to screenplay from Sri Lanka

February 2004 -

This year's Prince Claus Film Grant has been awarded to Vimukhti Jayasundara from Sri Lanka for his screenplay The Abandoned Land.


Phenix Foundation disbanded

February 2004 -

The Phenix Foundation, an organization that worked to strengthen the cultural diversity of the available art, is being disbanded. The financiers are not satisfied with the results achieved to date. the Phenix Foundation was established in October 2001.

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