Bisi Silva

Bisi Silva: "Artists from Africa and India have much in common"

May 2009 -

The Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Lagos, Nigeria is placing its bets on contact, exchange and cooperation in the southern hemisphere. Director Bisi Silva recently compiled an exhibition featuring seven African artists.


Latin American orientation trip culture sector uncovers contrasts

April 2009 -

Representatives of cultural institutions and other experts from Europe, Africa and Asia travelled in March 2009 to three Latin American capitals. Aim of this trip was to stimulate professional internationalisation in the culture sector.


Bisi Silva on the African art scene

September 2006 -

Bisi Silva, one of the six curators of the seventh Dak’Art Biennial, recently came to Amsterdam within the framework of the Mondriaan Foundation’s visitor’s programme. She talked with the Power of Culture, a site she regularly views.

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