Creative workshops in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

August 2004 -

The French artists’ collective Du Zieu dans les Bleus will conduct workshops in the summer of 2004 under the name ATELIER #3 in the Baddawi Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.


Palestinians, Lebanese and French young people can participate in courses such as drawing, video, drumming or marionette making.

Du Zieu dans les Bleus collaborates with the non-governmental organisation Asiles (Actions et Solidarités Interculturelles) and Mafpa (Maison d'Amitié Franco-Palestinienne). Asiles wants to conduct social/educational creative projects for children in underprivileged situations. The organisation has worked in refugee camps in Lebanon since 1997. When Du Zieu dans les Bleus gave theatre workshops there in 2001, a collaboration was instituted that focuses on French-Palestinian cultural exchange. Mafpa is a meeting point for children and young people in Baddawi where creative activities are organized.

The objective of actually producing a creative product has resulted in the current form of the project, which consists of two parts. The workshops for children in the Palestinian camps have turned out to be quite valuable and will be continued. Moreover Palestinian, Lebanese and French artists are working on a French-Arabic production that will be performed in France in 2005.

ATELIER #3 and Mafpa receive financial support from the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).