Artist photographer Hicham Benohoud experiments in Den Bosch

October 2006 -

A different kind of alienation can be seen in Den Bosch. The three monochrome ceramic self-portraits are a combination of figuration and abstraction. In each of these the contours of a (bald) head, ears, forehead, nose or chin can be distinguished. The suggestion of the portrayal of a human subsequently disappears in a visual display of repetition and abstraction. Benohoud’s glazed plaques look like decorative Moroccan ceramics but also defy the traditional prohibition against figurative art that governs the Arabic world. This work is a surprising variation on the theme of his photographic oeuvre: no matter how different, he plays the same game of veiling and displaying, decoration and defamation, humanity and alienation.

The EKWC welcomes artists, designers and architects for three-month residencies. Most of the guests are unfamiliar with ceramics upon their arrival. What is known as the 'countries project' started with China and Senegal. 2006 was Morocco's turn, and next year comes Brazil. These countries lack the informative channels leading to the centre in Den Bosch, according to the selection criterion. Artists from the Netherlands are asked to assist with each of the projects.