DOEN's 15th anniversary

September 2006 -

"Last year I visited a cultural centre in Ethiopia which was founded by Music May Day," says Mechtild van den Hombergh, managing director of DOEN Foundation. "I saw these smart youths standing there in their designer clothes and Nikes. Are these the people we want to reach, one wonders. Well no, not just them of course, but at the same time: yes. Such initiatives are often not aiming at the poorest of the poorest after all. But they can serve as an example and in that respect they are essential in reaching the less-privileged."


DOEN Foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary this month. The fund is working for a better world to live in by supporting initiatives in the field of sustainable development, culture and public interest. The foundation is funded by lotteries Nationale Postcode Loterij, Sponsor Loterij and BankGiro Loterij.

Van den Hombergh expresses a clear view on her work. "Our support for Music May Day illustrates clearly what our aims are. Projects we support always have to enhance the cultural infrastructure. Our name is not DOEN for nothing. Our support always involves enterprise, construction, sustainability and culture as social power. Since 2000 we also receive funds for cultural projects in The Netherlands. Besides, DOEN stands for 'Sustainable Development And Nature Conservation.'"

"Concerning the cultural projects accessibility, participation and construction of the cultural infrastructure has become a thread and we intend to continue with that," says Van den Hombergh. "We support for instance Music in Me, an organisation which uses music as a means of communication in the Middle East, for a period of three years with annual evaluations. By using this method we hope to achieve even more quality and quantity in the future."