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Nury Vittachi: 'I light fires in dark spots'

October 2008 -

Writer and humorist Nury Vittachi grew up in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and London, and he has been living in Hong Kong for years now. All those rambles have made him a mediator between east and west.


Perihan Magden: 'Luckily, no one knows my face'

September 2008 -

Perihan Magden is both loved and feared in Turkey. Every morning she shakes her readers awake every morning with dead-sharp analyses and witty remarks. However, she must also pay the price.


Global grandeur at the Sonsbeek sculpture exhibit

July 2008 -

The three African participants El Anatsui, Joseph Sumégné and Willem Boshoff emphasize community as an aspect of human grandeur at the Sonsbeek sculpture exhibit.


Microcredit for African art sector: opportunities and threats

June 2008 -

Does micro-financing hold golden promises for Africa's independent cultural sector, or are the two natural opposites? The DOEN Foundation in the Netherlands and Strømme Foundation in Norway are organising a pilot project in 2008 that will study concrete commonalities and test myths.


Reviews as a foundation for Ugandan film culture

May 2008 -

During the Amakula film festival there are film review workshops for journalist. Aim is to promote Ugandese film culture from within.


Curiosity without borders: revolution in Dutch art world

April 2008 -

A Curiosity Manifesto and improved cooperation between the organisations were the results of the Unlimited Curiosity symposium held on 31 March 2008.


Hip-hop artist Fid Q: "I watched my sister die from aids"

February 2008 -

Music Mayday is organising a hip-hop tour to make the youth of Europe and Africa aware of the large-scale aids problem in southern Africa.


Theatre-maker Yaser Khaseb: "Theatre climate in Iran is blossoming"

january 2008 -

The Iranian dancer/mime performer and puppeteer is spreading his wings, in his own country as well as abroad. During the festival Dancing on the Edge he was introduced to a Dutch audience.


Odak Onyango: "Theatre makes people more assertive"

December 2007 -

The Kenyan K-PAG creates performances with a message, without losing their focus on art. With Make love, make sense the company wants to create more awareness around hiv.


Artscollaboratory, programme by Hivos, DOEN and Mondriaan Stichting

June 2007 -

Strengthening cultural entrepreneurship among image artists' initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America and promoting the exchange of knowledge. These are the primary goals of Artscollaboratory, a new programme by Hivos & DOEN in cooperation with the Mondriaan foundation.