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One Minute Awards 2005

december 2005 -

The date: 13 November, a Sunday. The place: The Paradiso in Amsterdam. The occasion: The prize-giving ceremony for the One Minute Awards 2005, awards for the eight best video films that last precisely one minute each.


The Other: About the Role of Art and Culture in the Balkans

November 2005 -

On 1 December 2005 the conference 'The Heart of the Matter' will be held in The Hague, discussing the part culture can play in integrating the Balkan into the European Union. Violeta Simjanovska considers art and culture to be the basic elements for continued social, cultural and economic development.


Policies for Culture

september 2005 -

Cultural policy in South-eastern Europe.

Policies for culture

EU and Mediterranean countries work together for intercultural dialogue

June 2005 -

In the Discotheque Project, young people from the Euro Mediterranean region collect popular music that is then broadcast to a wide audience via Internet, MP3, CDs and cassettes. The Discotheque Project is one of the on-going projects of the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures. The inauguration of this foundation was held on 20 April 2005 in Alexandria, Egypt.


Freemuse, freedom of musical expression

april 2005 -

Music without censorship.


European Cultural Foundation focuses on cultural integration

February 2005 -

In 2005 the grants programme of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) will focus on various aspects of cultural integration. One of the key aspects is 'intercultural competence and collaboration across borders'. The ECF is looking for strategies that bring about mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue.


The nomads of our time: the Roma People

January 2005 -

How do Roma youngsters feel about their identify? What is their outlook on life? What are their concerns and their ambitions? During a video workshop held in Romania last September they were given the opportunity to express themselves. Roma youngsters from various Eastern European countries made 60-second videos about themselves.


Exiled Writers Ink!

january 2005 -

The London-based organisation Exiled Writers Ink! provides a platform for writers in exile.

Exiled Writers Ink

Arabian-Jewish journalistic project narrows gap between the different communities

November 2004 -

A team of Arabian and Jewish journalists have produced a bilingual newspaper supplement whose main topic is 'co-existence'. At the end of October, this project won a British Diversity Award.


The first year of collaboration between the ECF and Hivos

October 2004 -

Vanessa Reed, Grants Manager at the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), reviews the first year of collaboration between Hivos and ECF in Sharing Interests, Pooling Funds, Making things happen...