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Theatre-maker Yaser Khaseb: "Theatre climate in Iran is blossoming"

january 2008 -

The Iranian dancer/mime performer and puppeteer is spreading his wings, in his own country as well as abroad. During the festival Dancing on the Edge he was introduced to a Dutch audience.


Hivos Cinema Unlimited Award

April 2007 -

Development organization Hivos has established a cinema award: the Hivos Cinema Unlimited Award.


Theatre group Malayerba from Ecuador wants to be close to the people

December 2006 -

Theatre group Malayerba from Ecuador has been active for nearly thirty years. Their production Tirenle Tierra (Let's forget it) addresses male-female relationships and domestic violence.


Romantic views of poverty and desperation

November 2006 -

Rajesh Jala, Floating Lamp Of The Shadow Valley


Afshin Ellian: Stop Capitulating to Threats

february 2006 -

On behalf of Winternachten – International literature festival The Hague, Breyten Breytenbach and Afshin Ellian both wrote an essay centering on the theme ‘Heroes of the Mind’.


Hubert Bals Fund supports 46 film projects

June 2005 -

The Hubert Bals fund of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) will contribute a total of € 630,000 to 46 film projects and initiatives in non-Western countries.


New culture fund for non-Western culture

January 2005 -

Hivos and NCDO are jointly supporting initiatives in the Netherlands that offer scope for the expression of visions and artistic works from non-Western cultures. To this end, on 20 December 2004 they signed a covenant that runs until 2006.