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Payung Hitam puts on co-production with The Lunatics

February 2005 -

To mark the 10 th anniversary of the setting-up of the Hivos Culture Fund, the Indonesian theatre company Payung Hitam is coming to the Netherlands in June to put on a production with the Dutch Lunatics that was produced up in Indonesia in May. Artistic director Rachman Sabur was in the Netherlands for a few days to prepare the production.


New culture fund for non-Western culture

January 2005 -

Hivos and NCDO are jointly supporting initiatives in the Netherlands that offer scope for the expression of visions and artistic works from non-Western cultures. To this end, on 20 December 2004 they signed a covenant that runs until 2006.


World Trade agreements threaten cultural diversity

December 2004 -

The trade agreements made by the World Trade Organisation, including the GATS are oriented toward liberalisation of the global market. These agreements also apply to the cultural sector. This makes it increasingly difficult for countries to support their own artists and cultural institutions with subsidy funding or other measures.


The first year of collaboration between the ECF and Hivos

October 2004 -

Vanessa Reed, Grants Manager at the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), reviews the first year of collaboration between Hivos and ECF in Sharing Interests, Pooling Funds, Making things happen...


Poetry International Web

september 2004 -

An extensive guide of international poetry on the Internet

Poetry International Web

Zimbabwe International Book Fair honours national writers

July 2004 -

Starting at the end of July, Harare will be the site of the Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF). The book fair, whose 2004 theme is Voices: Dialogue Across Nations, has evolved to become the most important platform for African literature.


Fundación esART promotes contemporary visual arts from Bolivia

July 2004 -

Work of fourteen contemporary Bolivian artists will be on display from 26 June through 18 July 2004 in Pulchri Studio in Den Haag. Fundación esART from Bolivia, a partner of Hivos, hopes the exhibition will show that contemporary Bolivian art includes more than just the more internationally familiar crafts and paintings from the colonial period.


Hivos initiates fund for Central American and Cuban films

June 2004 -

Hivos has taken the initiative to establish a film fund for Central American and Cuban film productions. The fund is called Cinergia and is directed by Fundacine in Costa Rica.


Films from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines during Cinemasia

March 2004 -

A new film festival is born: at the end of March some seventy Asian films will be shown in Amsterdam, divided over thirty programmes.


Artists talk about freedom and censorship

February 2004 -

During the conference with the theme Claiming Artistic Freedom, eight artists discussed their personal situations. HIVOS organized the conference in cooperation with the Winternachten festival..