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Africa United

May 2010 -

June 2010 will be devoted entirely to World Cup soccer. In Africa United, African journalists discuss the various dimensions and the significance of soccer on their continent.


Paramaribo SPAN: conversations about art in Suriname

April 2010 -

Paramaribo SPAN marks the completion of a four-year exchange project between Rotterdam and Paramaribo, ARTRoPa. The project has three mutually related platforms: a book, an exhibition and a blog. 


Heri Dono's commitment with history

October 2009 -

With angels in cocoons, bragging politicians and flickering memorials Dono comments on the situation in his country, but also on the shared Dutch-Indonesian past.


Can we make a difference? Museums, society and development in North and South

April 2009 -

Collection of essays about the relevance of former colonial museums for today's society.


Rescue mission for popular Haitian religion

January 2009 -

Western clichés have made vodou something to be feared, but in 2009 on Haiti, the still-controversial vodou culture has been nominated to receive its own museum.


Tropenmuseum brings the world inside

December 2008 -

On invitation from the Tropenmuseum, an international audience flocked to the free symposium on the new organisation of the museum's permanent collections, December 11, 2008.