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Cultural exchange between India and the Netherlands increasing

May 2006 -

The cultural sector of the Netherlands is also gaining ground in India. However, attention for the Indian culture in the Netherlands is also steadily increasing.


Children from Amsterdam and Teheran hope to meet in person

november 2005 -

Thanks to Kids at Iran, children from Amsterdam and Teheran learn about one another's living habits and ideas. The Tropenmuseum Junior's cultural exchange project runs over the Internet and will be concluded in December. Whether the children will truly meet one another is uncertain.


Heritage and Illicit Trade

September 2005 -

Illegal trade in archaeological and ethnographic objects sold and purchased as 'art' outside of their country of origin is thriving. The causes, solutions and treaties combating illegal trade in cultural heritage were recently discussed in the digital KIT special Heritage & Illicit Trade.


Are we together? Yes, we’re together! - museum work on Zanzibar

August 2005 -

On 2 July 2005, the President of Zanzibar opened two new exhibitions at the House of Wonders, Zanzibar’s national museum. There’s something special about the whole endeavour, not just about the two exhibitions, which look at the history and culture of this Eastern African island, but also about the way they came about.


Zanzibar 'House of Wonders Museum' reopens

July 2005 -

The national museum 'House of Wonders' in Stone Town, Zanzibar, was reopened on 2 July 2005. The opening was the conclusion of an international cooperative project for the protection and maintenance of cultural heritage. The Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (KIT) played an important part in the project as advisor and initiator.


Imminent launch of international project on Hindu culture

November 2004 -

The international multimedia research project Bidesia on the history of Hindu migration and their culture will be launched in January 2005. This project has been made possible by a recent government subsidy of almost 118,000 euros from the HGIS homogenous group for international collaboration.


Tropenmuseum Junior subsidised after all

October 2004 -

The Tropenmuseum Junior tropical museum will retain its structural subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science after all. This was revealed in the Queen's Speech budget plans.


Congo in Cartoons in the Tropenmuseum

June 2004 -

Exposition Congo in Cartoons by Tshibumba Kanda Matulu shows the history of Congo in cartoon style.


'Monument Preservation can give economic impulse'

June 2004 -

How do you bring culture into development cooperation? This was the central theme of the lunch meeting organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 2004.


Culture Council gives negative recommendation regarding Tropenmuseum Junior

May 2004 -

The Culture Council has advised the Netherlands' Junior Minister for Culture to stop structural OCW (Education, Culture and Science) subsidy for Tropenmuseum Junior. Museum staff members are astounded.