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Postal: Mimeta PO.Box 414, N-4664 Kristiansand

+47 38 12 75 00

Mimeta is the first Norwegian organisation specializing in the sector of Culture & Development.

As cultural expressions engage the public and contribute essentially to democratic development, Mimeta supports culture projects and accommodates collaboration in production, exchange, sharing and communication.

Mimeta is an advocate for culture cooperation that do:
• Support of art and culture projects in cooperating countries
• Presentation of expressions with origin in cooperating countries
• Facilitation of cultural exchange

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Microcredit for African art sector: opportunities and threats

June 2008 -

Does micro-financing hold golden promises for Africa's independent cultural sector, or are the two natural opposites? The DOEN Foundation in the Netherlands and Strømme Foundation in Norway are organising a pilot project in 2008 that will study concrete commonalities and test myths.


Ambitious three-year plan for the African art sector

September 2007 -

The African world of culture is rapidly changing. Playwright and activist Mike van Graan coordinates a task force with a big programme.


Imagine Africa: vitalizing cultural assets

August 2007 -

A campaign to constitute a global initiative for promoting and strengthening African arts and reasoning.


Strømme Foundation new partner for the Power of Culture

May 2007 -

Encouraging dignity, and allowing people to make their own choices and to bear their own responsibilities. Those are the primary values in the holistic approach that the Strømme Foundation has chosen to fight poverty. In addition to devoting attention to education and micro-financing, culture constitutes an important share of the activities.


Master plan African art sector on the way

April 2007 -

More than fifty key figures from Africa's independent art world met early in March 2007 at Senegal’s Gorée Institute for the conference 'The ARTerial'. The expansive theme of the conference was strengthening the art sector.



March 2007 -

Culture is nothing less than a human right and an essential force for development, according to the Norwegian directorate for development collaboration. According to the Norwegians, supporting cultural heritage is a tool for achieving other development objectives such as fighting poverty.


"Community art is an international hype"

November 2006 -

“Community art often finds its origins in social dissatisfaction and the will to do something about it.” Initiator Eugene Van Erven about the community theatre festival 'Art in my backyard' to be held in Utrecht from 23 to 26 November.