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The Power of Culture to be relaunched in collaboration with Global Village Media

January 2010 -

The Power of Culture web site is to be relaunched in a broader platform with a new publisher: Global Village Media. The identity of the Power of Culture will be maintained in the new design with the added benefit that Global Village Media’s cross-media platform offers new, promising perspectives.


ArtEast and Cascoland, 'the real Kirgizian artists'

September 2009 -

Art students from Kirgizia and artists from Dutch Cascoland presented their 'interventions in public space' during Boom-Boom, the fourth International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Bishkek, August 2009.


Graffiti offers structure for Brazilian youth

August 2009 -

Anouk Piket,  manager of the graffiti project during Brazil Rotterdam, explains why graffiti has a different and especially better image in Brazil than in the Netherlands.


Notorious video halls bring Ugandan films to bigger crowds

September 2008 -

Video halls in Uganda have a bad reputation. For a small fee, people can come to the shabby halls to watch a movie. However, they can also be seen as an important step towards a film culture.



July 2008 -

The art of comic books is faring quite well in Africa. A unique overview of African comic book art, with a database of 140 comic strip artists from all African countries, was recently published online.


Diouma Dieng Diakhate, African couture pioneer

June 2008 -

With a shining 29-year career, Senegalese fashion designer Diouma Dieng Diakhate is a pioneer in the world of African fashion.


Curiosity without borders: revolution in Dutch art world

April 2008 -

A Curiosity Manifesto and improved cooperation between the organisations were the results of the Unlimited Curiosity symposium held on 31 March 2008.


Omar Sultan: "I hope that Afghanistan will someday be a tourist centre again"

january 2008 -

The story of the evolution of the Hidden Afghanistan exposition in Amsterdam's Nieuwe Kerk reads like a boy's adventure. Seven staff members of Kabul's National Museum risked their lives in 1998 to bring the collection to safety.


The Power of Culture – Ten Years

November 2006 -

This month the Power of Culture celebrates its tenth birthday. Based on the conviction that culture is anything but peripheral, the website has been contributing to the international debate on culture and development for ten years.