Lidy Norder

Art and culture in a shantytown in Argentina

February 2007 -

Odisea20, established in 2005, is a cultural project in the largest shantytown of Buenos Aires, Villa20/Lugano. The project is intended to give the inhabitants an artistic platform.


Estrecho Dudoso: Costa Rica as the epicentre of visual art

January 2007 -

Estrecho Dudoso (Doubtful Strait) is a large international event for the visual arts being held from 1 December 2006 through 15 February 2007 in Costa Rica.


Crear Vale la Pena: Kiel learns from Buenos Aires

February 2006 -

Argentina’s Crear Vale la Pena organisation has worked since 1993 with young people from the poverty districts in Buenos Aires to improve their future by means of art and cultural projects. An exchange programme has been established with the German city of Kiel.

Crear Vale La Pena

African dancers dancing in the streets of Montevideo

december 2005 -

From 11 to 21 November 2005, Uruguay hosted the third international dance festival Montevideo Sitiada. This event includes both dance shows and discussions and workshops about cultural identity. The festival serves as a showcase for the talents of not just Latin-American dancers but also African and European ones too.

Affiche Montevideo

Poetry as a response to violence

June 2005 -

In Columbia, from 24 June through 2 July 2005, the 15th International Poetry Festival of Medellín will be held. During this event, 80 poets from 52 countries will read their work. Interest in the declamations is overwhelming: more than 100,000 people will be coming to list in theatres, parks, hospitals, prisons and city squares.


Mexican Police read to combat crime

April 2005 -

Reading books to get a promotion: this is the task being faced by all 1200 police agents in Nezahualcóyotl, a suburb of Mexico City. The objective: a 50% reduction in crime.

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