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CinemAsia Film Festival attracts a wide, young audience

maart 2006 -

The CinemAsaia Film Festival is strikingly popular among young Dutch people with Asian roots, a group that is active within their own closed circuit in particular and therefore difficult to reach.


Iranian filmmaker Mohammed Shirvani expects more freedom for artists

February 2006 -

An old man bicycles down a sandy path in the desolate landscape. A large red flag is attached to his bicycle. He is carrying a megaphone over his shoulder. The man is Mir Qanbar, candidate in the presidential elections in Iran. Iranian filmmaker Mohammed Shirvani made a tender documentary about him.


Kattaikkuttu Kids

february 2006 -

The new website of the Kattaikkuttu youth theatre school in India.

Kattaikkuttu kids

The Sahel Opera’s artistic team gets to work

January 2006 -

"It’s challenging and stimulating but also very complex. We are four composers and over the next few days will discuss who is going to compose what." Tunde Jegede is a cellist, kora player and composer. He is of Nigerian stock and lives in London, where he pursues musical projects that span African and European cultures. Jegede is a member of the artistic team that is busy creating the Sahel Opera, the ambitious project conceived by Prince Claus as a top-notch showcase for the presentation of African talent to European audiences.

Sahel Opera

Aimless activity in Mexico City

January 2006 -

Marcos is a driver in Mexico City. One day he abducts a baby. Review of Battle in Heaven (Batalla en el Cielo).

Batalla en el Cielo

Spiny Babbler Museum

november 2005 -

Mooie en degelijke Nepalese kunstsite.

Spiny Babbler

More reading: literary links

December 2008 -

"Internet has triggered a revolution in Arabic literature," said the Algerian poet Lamis Saidi during Winternachten 2008. The Internet has made it possible for writers to reach a global public without a publisher as intermediary.


Rescripting the 'Ramayana': an old habit

September 2005 -

Hema Ramakrishna’s recently published English play 'Sanctuary!' is her interpretation of scenes from the Indian epic Ramayana. Plurality and the constant questioning of previous characterizations are central to the Ramayana tradition.


Team of composers selected for the Sahel Opera

August 2005 -

A team of four composers from the Sahel has been selected to compose the first opera for that region. The Sahel Opera, which is an initiative of the Prince Claus Fund, is to premiere next May in Mali.


Theatre in a tent of coffee sacks

August 2005 -

The Vredeseilanden organisation was looking for someone to put on a theatrical production in Costa Rica about fair trade. In the end they chose me. I held auditions in Costa Rica and picked some members of the Theater Magos del Tiempo group. Together, we have created the Corazón de Café production.'

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