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The Power of Culture
Lourdes Arizpe
Biographical Information


Current Position: Assistent Director-General for Culture, UNESCO


Certificat d'Etudes Francaises, Université de Genčve, Switzerland, 1964;
M.A. in Antropology, Escuela Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, 1907;
Ph. D. in Social Antropology, London School of Economics and Political Science, 1975.

Professional Positions

Researcher-Lecturer, El Colegio de Mexico, 1972-85;
Academic Coordinator, Department of Sociology, El Colegio de Mexico, 1975-77;
Researcher-Consultant, International Labour Organisation, 1979-81;
Visiting Fellow, Institute of development Studies, Sussex University, 1982;
Director, National Museum of Popular Cultures, 1985-88;
Researcher, Regional Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, National University of Mexico, 1991-94;
Secretary, Mexican Academy of Science, 1992-94.

International Positions

President of the International Union of Antropological and Ethnological Sciences, 1988-93;
Steerling Committee, Development Alternatives for Women in a New Era (DAWN), 1985-98;
Vice-President, Society for International Development, 1991-94;
Steering Committee 'Overcoming Hunger in the 1990's', 1990-93;
Executive Committee, International Social Science Council (ISSC), 1991-92; Vice-President, ISSC, 1992-94.

Professioinal Memberships and awards

Fullbright-Hayes Award, 1978;
John D. Guggenheim Award, 1982;
President, Mexican Association of Antropologists and Ethnologists, 1985-88;
Joint Latin-American Committee, Social Science Research Council (U.S.A.), 1987-90;
Secretary-General, Mexican Society of Antropology, 1992-94.

Selected Publications

Numerous research articles and chapters of books.

    Main research books in Spanish:

    Kinship and economy in a Nahua Society 1972)

    Indians in the City: The case of the 'Marias' (1975)

    Migration, Ethnicity and Economic Change (1978)

    Peasants and Migration (1986)

    Culture and Development: an Ethnographic study of a Mexican Community (1988)

    Women and Development in Mexico and Latin America (1989)

"Culture and Knowledge in Development" in Change:Threat or opportunity for Human Progress?
Uner Kirdar (ed.) New York, 1992;

"Culture and Sustainability" in Revue du Tiers Monde (1992) (with F. Paz)

"Rethinking the population Environment debate" in Population and Environment: Rethinking the Debate Arizpe, Stone and Major (Ed), 1994

Culture and Social Change: Social Perceptions of Deforestation in the Lacandona Rain Forest (with F. Paz and M. Valesquez), 1995

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