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Dragan Klaic
Biographical Information

Dr. Dragan Klaic (b. 1950) is the Director of the Theater Instituut Nederland in Amsterdam since 1992. Before that he was Professor of Theatre History and Drama at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Educated in Belgrade and at Yale University (USA), where he took his doctorate in drama literature and theatre criticism. Klaic has been lecturing widely in Europe and USA, held visiting professorships in the USA and participated at many international congresses and symposia.

He worked as a drama critic for the major Yugoslav papers, as a dramaturg and consultant with professional theatres and festivals, created two documentary TV series, co-founded and co-edited EUROMASKE, The European Theatre Quarterly, and has published numerous articles in production dossiers, collections of essays, lexicons and many periodicals in several languages.

He wrote and edited several books on theatre history, medieval theatre and drama, contemporary Yugoslav theatre, and most recently Terrorism and Modern Drama (co-edited with John Orr, Edinburgh University Press 1990, paperback 1992) and The Plot of the Future: Utopia and Dystopia in Modern Drama (University of Michigan Press 1991). He is a Contributing Editor of the magazine Theater (USA) and member of the boards of Praemium Erasmianum (Amsterdam), Sarajevo International (Amsterdam) and Transeuropeen (Paris) and of advisory boards of the Apex program of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), of the Soros Open Society Institute programs (New York) and of the Nexus Institute (Tilburg).

Address: c/o Theater Instituut Nederland,
Herengracht 168,
1000 GH Amsterdam.
Phone 31 20 623 5104,
fax 31 20 620 0051.
E mail: tin,

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General Introduction
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