Themes: Our Creativy Diversity
A new global ethics
A commitment to pluralism
Challenges of a media-rich world
recasting cultural policies

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The Power of Culture
Madala Mphahlele
Biographical Information


Was born on 27 August 1937
Born and bred in Sophiatown, Johannesburg Matriculated at the Ohlange Institute and graduated from the University of Cape Town with Bachelor of Social Science degree
Married with two grown children
Lives in Diepkloof, Johannesburg


Monsanto South Africa - (Director)
Project Literacy - (Trustee)
St. Enda's - (Trustee)
African Institute of Art - (Trustee)


Joined Unilever in 1962 as Marketing Trainee. In 1964 was transferred to Lintas Advertising as Assistant Accounts Executive. By 1968 was Senior Accounts Executive at Lintas Advertising.

Attended Unilever Advertising International Executive Course in the UK (six weeks).

Promoted to market Development Director at Lintas in 1983. Full Board Member of Lintas in Johannesburg in 1989.

Went to USA to attend a six week Senior Executive programme for Lintas

In May 1991 appointed by the South African Broadcasting Coorporation to head the erstwhile TV2/3/4 as General Manager with the brief to meld the three disperate channels into a selfstanding business unit.

Launched CCV-TV (Contemporary Community Values) to the South African viewing public on January 1, 1992.

Is currently General Manager: Africa Enterprises at the SABC

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General Introduction
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kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Lourdez Arizpe
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Adriaan van Dis
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Josette Feral
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Riffat Hassan
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Dragan Klaic
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Hans Küng
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Flora Lewis
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Madala Mphahlele
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Bert Mulder
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) David Nostbakken
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Herman Philpse
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Anil Ramdas
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Allister Sparks
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Horst Stipp
kruisje.gif (919 bytes) Nasr Zaid
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