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David Nostbakken
Biographical Information

Dr David Nostbakken is a lifelong communication and broadcast entrepreneur, developer, and practitioner. He is President of WETV, a new global initiative in broadcasting, designed to combine private and public financing for an alternative global television network. He is the founder, first CEO and Chair of Vision TV, a Canadian satellite-to-cable specialty service, licensed in 1987 and recently re-licensed for seven more years. He was Director-General of Communications for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), developing communication capabilities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. Nostbakken has developed communication strategies, specializing in broadcasting for such institutions such as WHO, UICC, CCS and has produced with CBC, TVO, VTV, WTN, TVE, BBC, and local television. Dr. Nostbakken has a Ph.D. in Communications, University of Toronto where he studied and worked with Marshall McLuhan.

Current Positions

  • President and CEO - WETV - The Global Access Television Network
  • Chairperson, VISION TV, Canadian Television Network

Related Experience

  • President, VISION TV, Canadian Television Network
  • Executive Director, International Broadcast Development, International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  • Director-General, Communications Division, IDRC
  • President, Canadian Centre for Films for ChiIdren
  • Governor, Children's Broadcast Institute (CBI)
  • Director, Power of Television Series
  • Board Director, Montcrest School, Toronto
  • Member of Board of Trustee, Television Trust for the Environment (TVE)
  • Director, Broadcasting for International Understanding
  • Member, Helsinki Group, Television Trust for the Environment
  • A large number of television productions and publications


  • MA, Ph.D. University of Toronto - studied, taught and worked with Marshall McLuhan
  • Thesis title: "The Concept of Mimesis in Television Learning: The Television Learner as Participant"

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