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Introduction to the discussion on A New Global Ethics

Flora Lewis
journalist/columnist, International Herald Tribune, France

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Global ethics is a new concept. Economic and technological developments have led to a huge increase in mutual dependency and to an awareness of this dependency. Global consciousness is greater than ever.

Do we need a global ethics?

We all need a goal and we all make mistakes. The fundamental dualities in life are: responsibilities versus rights, and people as social animals versus people as individuals with the right to fulfill themselves. Paul Valéry once said that the greatest threats to a society are order and chaos and that they are equally dangerous.

It seems to me that we are forced to go in the direction of ecology. 'Ecological thought is undogmatic and it appeals to our sense of sharing the same destiny. Fundamental to ecology is the awareness that our actions here can have an influence on other people somewhere else. The harmony we are seeking is perhaps best expressed in ecology.

November 8, 1996: A new global ethics:
Introduction (Flora Lewis)
Hans Kung
Riffat Hassan
Discussion panel
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