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Challenges of a media-rich world
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Introduction to the discussion on Challenges of a Media-Rich World

Madala Mphahlele
General Manager South African Enterprises, South African Broadcasting Corporation, South Africa

real audio fileEnormous strides are being made in the field of the media. But these developments also have a negative side, because they are accompanied by a number of dichotomies. It's true that there is an abundance of media but it is mainly confined to the North. In Africa, Asia and Latin America there is great poverty in this area. Even though there is an expansion of media there as well, there are certain problems. Radio and TV stations are controlled by relatively few broadcasters. They determine what is transmitted and they also decide the content of the programmes. That means that not everyone has equal access to the media; as a result, in addition to the great dichotomy in wealth, there are also great differences between the knowledge and influence people can exercize. It is issues like these that we should discuss today.'

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Introduction (Madala Mphahlele)
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Challenges of a media-rich world