Themes: Our Creativy Diversity
A new global ethics
A commitment to pluralism
Challenges of a media-rich world
recasting cultural policies
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Livio Sansone
No more of the same

Cultural differences should not only be tolerated. We should nurture them and learn from them, the Commission says. A society should welcome different groups of people, but fight ethnic and religious fanaticism. In ‘Not More of the Same’ Livio Sansone states that ethnicity is overemphasised nowadays. As a result, there is the danger that the culture of a certain group and its ethnic identity are becoming too much interlinked. Furthermore, Sansone states, if cultural diversity is our goal, would you not say that the growing demographic group of mestizo, that we find in the less ethnic polarised systems in Latin America, deserves more attention?



"A commitment to pluralism"
Ria Lavrijsen
Livio Sansone
Bhikhu Parekh
pijltje.gif (895 bytes) A new global ethics
pijltje.gif (895 bytes) A commitment to pluralism
pijltje.gif (895 bytes) Challenges of a media-rich world
pijltje.gif (895 bytes) Recasting cultural policies
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