Themes: Our Creativy Diversity
A new global ethics
A commitment to pluralism
Challenges of a media-rich world
recasting cultural policies
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Report text
A new global ethics

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Why we need a global ethics
Culture in search of a global ethics
Sources of a global ethics
The main elements of a global ethics
Global ethics in global governance
The role of a global ethics
To whom it may concern

The world is our village: if one house catches fire, the roofs over all our heads are immediately at risk. If any one of us tries to start rebuilding, his efforts will be purely symbolic. Solidarity has to be the order of the day: each of us must bear his own share of the general responsibility.

Jacques Delors

pijltje_beneden.gif (179 bytes) A new global ethics
Report text
pijltje.gif (179 bytes) A commitment to pluralism
pijltje.gif (179 bytes) Challenges of a media-rich world
pijltje.gif (179 bytes) Recasting cultural policies
General introduction
General summary
Background Intergovernmental conference on Cultural Policies for Development
our creative diversity