Themes: Our Creativy Diversity
A new global ethics
A commitment to pluralism
Challenges of a media-rich world
recasting cultural policies
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Summary of the report
general introduction

Development is more than economics. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has identified the concept of human development: essentially it is the process of increasing people's range of choices.
But while 'Culture' has always been implicitly part of this idea, it was never referred to explicitly. One of the aims of the World Commission on Culture and Development ('the Commission') is to give culture a permanent place in development thinking. Culture is defined in the wider, anthropological sense of the word: it encompasses the entire range of spiritual, material and intellectual values that typify a particular group or society.
In its conclusion, the Commission notes that culture is more than just a means of achieving material prosperity: it is the ultimate object of 'development', assuming development to be the flourishing of human existence in all its forms and in its entirety.
Cultural diversity is the source of creativity, not, as often suggested, the source of conflict. Like bio-diversity, it is an irreplaceable asset, bringing people into contact with the entire range of human experience and wisdom.

Sub-themes include (corresponding with the chapters of the report)

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pijltje.gif (179 bytes) A new global ethics
pijltje.gif (179 bytes) A commitment to pluralism
pijltje.gif (179 bytes) Challenges af a media-rich world
pijltje.gif (179 bytes) Recasting Cultural Policies
Background document for the Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies for Development
our creative diversity