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A commitment to pluralism
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recasting cultural policies
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Recasting Cultural Policies

Cultural policy is more than just the protection of cultural heritage. That is the opinion expressed in 'New Views on Cultural Policy', one of the five chapters of Our Creative Diversity, the complete text of which is available on this website (for the other chapters click in the right task bar). A summary of the chapter is also available.

Publicists from across the world have reacted to the report, as can be seen in the 'commentary' section. Reactions from Jean Barthélemy, Bennett & Mercer, Néstor Canclini, Cliche, Mitchell & Wiesand, Jérôme Huet, Britt Isaksson, Lofti Maherzi, Sally Jane Norman and Michihiro Watanabe relate to the theme 'Recasting Cultural Policies'. Like the reactions from Halina Niec and Bhikhu Parekh these (English) texts serve as an introduction to the Power of Culture conference in Stockholm, where 'Recasting Cultural Policies' is one of the discussion themes.

The other publications (available in Dutch and English) relate to the conference held in 1996 in Amsterdam, also titled the Power of Culture.

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recasting cultural policies