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Government leaders of ACP countries give culture priority

Not only are bananas and cashew nuts good for the economy; art can also promote prosperity. During the 4th ACP meeting in Mozambique at the end of June 2004, government leaders discussed culture and development. >>>

Creative workshops in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

The French artists’ collective Du Zieu dans les Bleus will conduct workshops in the summer of 2004 under the name ATELIER #3 in the Baddawi Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. >>>

Res Artis Member Meeting in Australia deals with 'the South'

The bi-annual member meeting of the worldwide network of artist-in-residence centres, Res Artis, will be held in August of 2004. The theme is the role of the South or ‘the periphery’ in the global art world. >>>

Human Development Report 2004 pleads for cultural diversity

Each citizen must be able to decide for himself what language he speaks, what religion he practices, and how he dresses. That is the message of the Human Development Report 2004. >>>



Cultural policy in Germany is based on the humanistic tradition in which ‘culture for everyone’ and ‘cultural multiformity’ is central. Promoting understanding between cultures to prevent conflicts is the foremost principle of the German international culture policy. >>>

African Union recognizes Kiswahili

The African Union (AU) has recognized Kiswahili as an official language. Up to now the Union, with which 53 African countries are affiliated, has communicated in Arabic, French, English and Portuguese. Kiswahili is spoken by a hundred million people in eastern and southern Africa. It is the official language of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. >>>



Mapping the world the nomadic way

Claudia Fontes (Argentine) visited the Australian forum South 1, and tried to find the answer to the question: what is the 'South'? And even more challenging: where is it? >>>  

Exchange program for theatre professionals in Ouagadougou

People from the international theatre world will gather in Burkina Faso for three months to share knowledge about their craft. A multinational Richard III will also be staged. >>>


Pakistani film about religion and family

The film Silent Waters by the Pakistani filmmaker Sabiha Sumar takes place in Pakistan in 1979. A´cha is a widow and lives with her almost adult son Salim in a small village. >>>  



kattaikkuttu Traditional music theatre in the South indian province of Tamil Nadu, in which parts of the Mahabharata are acted out. >>>


Universes in Universe

Contemporary visual arts in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, in the context of international art developments.


Tropenmuseum Summer Festival

VFrom 3 July through 5 September there will be activities such as dance, music, calligraphy, miniature painting or ‘dress me’ - creating Iranian costume cards - every weekday during the holiday period in Tropenmuseum Junior. >>>

Kwakoe Summer Festival

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 July through 15 August, the Bijlmerpark in Amsterdam will be the site of the multicultural Kwakoe Summer Festival. >>>


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