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The South Project: the traditional and modern worlds meet

What do Argentina, South Africa, Madagascar, East Timor, New Zealand and Samoa have in common? Which way is the 'South' going? The South Project, a four-year art project, wants to answer these questions by 'bringing together and celebrating the creative energies of the Southern hemisphere'. >>>

Hivos initiates fund for Central American and Cuban films

Hivos has taken the initiative to establish a film fund for Central American and Cuban film productions. The fund is called Cinergia and is directed by Fundacine in Costa Rica. >>>

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Congo in Cartoons in the Tropenmuseum

Exposition Congo in Cartoons by Tshibumba Kanda Matulu shows the history of Congo in cartoon style. >>>

'Monument Preservation can give economic impulse'

How do you bring culture into development cooperation? This was the central theme of the lunch meeting organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 2004. >>>

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Culture is increasingly prominent on the international agenda. But the discussion about whether and how culture contributes to combating poverty and sustainable development has far to go. Part three in a series about culture and development policy by donor countries: Switzerland. >>>


Culture Forum in China on World Cultural Diversity Day

With reference to the Unesco World Cultural Diversity Day, the German Bertelsmann foundation and the Chinese International Culture Association organised a forum dealing with cultural similarities and differences. >>>


Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), partner to the Prince Claus Fund

'Exploring the Currents, Feeling the Winds.' With these poetic words as its theme, the ten-day Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) of the Dhow Countries will commence on 25 June 2004. The ZIFF is one of the network partners of the Prince Claus Fund. >>>

I La Galigo: about a dream held by Rhoda Grauer and Restu Imansari

In May 2004 the Indonesian music theatre I La Galigo toured European stages. An interview with the two female producers. >>>

Poet Pablo Neruda commemorated

The one-hundredth birthday of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda will be commemorated this year. Dutch poet Jan Baeke views the strength of Neruda's poetry. >>>



kattaikkuttu Traditional music theatre in the South indian province of Tamil Nadu, in which parts of the Mahabharata are acted out. >>>


World Heritage Tour

Panorama photographs of all locations on Unesco's Cultural Heritage List.


Festival Mundial

From 4 to 20 June Tilburg, the Netherlands will be hosting the seventeenth edition of the Festival Mundial, with varying activities and events. >>>


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