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Cultural Diversity during Forum Barcelona 2004

For 141 days, Barcelona will form the backdrop for a giant event in which cultural diversity, sustainable development and prerequisites for peace will have central focus. The Forum Barcelona 2004, which commences on 9 May and continues through 26 September, offers entertainment with a serious message. >>>

Culture topic of Stockholm conference

During a two-day conference organised late in February in the Swedish capitol Stockholm, policy makers from various European countries exchange their experiences with supporting culture in developing countries. The objective was to better attune the various activities. >>>

Zimbabwean journalist lives in the Netherlands for a year

Zimbabwean journalist Wilf Mbanga was given the opportunity to write and work without political restrictions for a year. He grabbed the chance. At the invitation of the Tilburg Vrijstad foundation, Mbanga arrived in the Netherlands in November 2003. >>>

Films from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines during Cinemasia

A new film festival is born: at the end of March some seventy Asian films will be shown in Amsterdam, divided over thirty programmes. >>>

Working together to retain cultural heritage

Collectively working to sustainably retain cultural heritage has high priority in international cultural policy. The Netherlands and South Africa recently agreed upon a collective policy framework. The treaty will be signed soon. The formal cooperation between Sri Lanka and the Netherlands celebrates its first birthday in April. >>>


Trama offers an alternative to the established art scene

Trama is an organisation that brings together Argentinean artists. The network was established in 2000. >>>

Will the obelisk from Ethiopia finally be going home?

The Phenix Foundation, an organization that worked to strengthen the cultural diversity of the available art, is being disbanded. The financiers are not satisfied with the results achieved to date. the Phenix Foundation was established in October 2001. >>>

European Manifesto for minority media

Thousands of media organisations for and by immigrants are active in the European Union. However, their existence is frequently threatened. >>>


South Africa Special

Interviews with Andries Oliphant (Arts and Culture Trust) and Magriet Leemhuis (Dutch Embassy Pretoria).
Articles on Dance Factory, Market Theatre Laboratory, Bag Factory and Film Resource Unit.


Children in Amsterdam and Teheran communicate about the things they experience in everyday life.


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