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Images of Iran: Aiding the Stereotypes

The Iranian photojournalist Newsha Tavakolian pleads for more originality in Iranian art and asks the West to look beyond the 'celebrity' names. >>>

Mozambican artists' collective aims to rejuvenate the local art scene

Nowadays, Núcleo de Arte's old villa serves as a meeting-place for painters and sculptors. The artists' collective has been responsible for an artistic revival in Mozambique since the end of the war. >>>

Imminent launch of international project on Hindu culture

The international multimedia research project Bidesia on the history of Hindu migration and their culture will be launched in January 2005. This project has been made possible by a recent government subsidy of almost 118,000 euros from the HGIS homogenous group for international collaboration. >>>

policy by donorcountries

Great Britain

Britain's culture and development policy focuses most of its efforts on networks and exchanges. In addition, many of its artistic projects include a social dimension, such as democracy, human rights, the environment and gender issues. >>>

A black and white get-together in People’s Front Rooms

At the end of September 2004, Will Janssen, programme manager of Culture International at the DOEN Foundation, visited the Front Room Festival in Darling, South Africa. >>>

Erasmus Prize awarded to Islamic thinkers

In November, three Islamic thinkers were awarded the Erasmus Prize 2004. They are Sadik Jalal Al-Azm from Syria, Fatema Mernissi from Morocco and Abdulkarim Soroush from Iran. The theme of this year's award was 'Religion and modernity'. The prizewinners are all very involved in the modernisation processes going on within Islam. >>>

Arabian-Jewish journalistic project narrows gap between the different communities

A team of Arabian and Jewish journalists have produced a bilingual newspaper supplement whose main topic is 'co-existence'. At the end of October, this project won a British Diversity Award. >>>


Documentary about Aids orphans leaves important questions unanswered

Orphans of Nkandla

Orphans of Nkandla is being shown as part of one of the themed sub-programmes in the IDFA documentary film festival that is being held from 18 to 28 November in Amsterdam. >>>




English-language magazine about Afghan culture.



The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam is being held from 18 to 28 November, during which time more than 200 documentaries from all over the world will be shown. >>>


On 27 November, 20,000 pupils in the Gelredome in Arnhem will be joined by thousands of young people in Cape Town (South Africa) and Indonesian pupils dressed in white for a dance for life. >>>

Open Studio Day at the Rijksakademie for the Visual Arts

On 27 and 28 November, the artists at the Rijksakademie state institute for the visual arts in Amsterdam will be throwing open their doors to the public. >>>


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