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Partnerships between art and the business world in South Africa

In the post-apartheid world of South Africa, little money has been available for the arts. Business and Arts South Africa is now trying to bring together the business world and the art world. >>>

'Immigrants are here to stay'

In recent years, the debate about immigrants has become increasingly negative in tone, with a focus on crime, unemployment and ethnic conflict. However, there are positive aspects to migration and asylum too, as discussed by three academics and 'hands-on' experts who gave a lecture on this subject recently. Their conclusion: 'Immigrants are here to stay.' >>>


Out of Europe

Nelly Bekus (Belarus) on the new European borders. >>>  

Brazilian law designed to promote its national film and TV industry

In Brazil, the talk is of a new legislative proposal designed to promote the national audio-visual industry. >>>



Italian cultural policy revolves around the preservation of the 'beni culturali', the cultural heritage. This is not so surprising, as Italy is an expert in this field: it is a country that houses the legacy of its rich artistic past. The extensive involvement of private organisations in the arts is typically Italian too. >>>

Restoration of Moroccan mosque marks the first anniversary of the CER Fund

On the first anniversary of the Cultural Emergency Response (CER) on 24 September, the town of Mestassa was given a grant of 25,000 euros to allow its local residents to restore their 14 th Century mosque. >>>


The first year of collaboration between the ECF and Hivos

Vanessa Reed, Grants Manager at the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), reviews the first year of collaboration between Hivos and ECF in Sharing Interests, Pooling Funds, Making things happen...>>>


Another view of contemporary African art

Not the context but the work of art itself forms the basis for the Africa Remix exhibition of contemporary African art. >>>

Tropenmuseum Junior subsidised after all

The Tropenmuseum Junior tropical museum will retain its structural subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science after all. This was revealed in the Queen's Speech budget plans. >>>


How many African film classics do you know? And how many famous African film directors, actors and actresses? Exactly! Not that many. It is about time to change that, because African film is special and deserves more attention. >>>


Culture and Public Action

Website set up in connection with the book Culture and Public Action


Q-ba Música

New sounds from Cuba can be heard at the Festival Q-ba Música. From 6 to 17 October 2004 at different locations in Amsterdam), with spin-off events in Utrecht, The Hague and Antwerp.


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