Africa Animated!

More than a year ago, Unesco launched the Africa Animated! initiative. It is a project that brings together the resources and expertise for the production of cartoons for children in Africa. The idea is that there should be cartoons for children made by Africans themselves, which virtually do not exist.

Only foreign cartoons are shown on television. This is caused by a lack of funds for efficient production and a lack of know-how about computer animation.

Africa Animated was launched in the summer of 2004 with regional training programmes. At a later stage, an office is to be established where courses can be given. Workshops will also be given during the Zanzibar International Film Festival in Zanzibar (July 2005).

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World Comics

World Comics is the name of the Finnish development organisation that focuses on cartoonists in developing countries. World Comics stimulates the use of local cartoons and considers this to be a contribution to social change.

The Finns sought cooperation with various cartoonists throughout the world. They have already established World Comics India, World Comics Kenya and World Comics Tanzania.

At you can find information from these countries as well as a list of cartoonists in Nigeria, Morocco, Cuba and Iran.

In 2004 World Comics organised an exposition in Finland with controversial political work by cartoonists from Iran. The exposition can be viewed on line:


Prize for the best African Comic

The Italian organisation Africa e Mediterraneo will be awarding a prize to the best unpublished African comic drawn by an African artist.

There are three categories: 'creative comic story - free subject', 'comic story on human rights' and 'stories of migration'.

With the contest the organisation wants to increase European attention for African comics.

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