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Cintia Bolio name:
Cintia Bolio



is inspired by:
'In my role as political cartoonist, I am inspired by the worst society has to offer. The political elite, injustice, inequality. I love portraying these people as corrupt, mean and ugly. As a comic artist / cartoonist, I am inspired by life itself. By poetry, art and sci-fi. As cartoonist I try to empathise with other scenarios of life.'

personal challenge in her work :
'I decided to draw so that I could make my voice heard. I see myself as a feminist, left-wing cartoonist. And maybe it sounds naive, but I am trying to make this world a better place than it is now, for my son. That is why I fight against creepy right-wing and ultra-conservative circles.
I also strive to understand the essence of humans through my work. And I love gallows humour.'

What does the power of culture consist of in your view?
'What is it like being human? Culture answers that question. The power of culture is that it enables us to grow and to welcome other cultures.
I am against the globalisation of culture if it means that only one Americanised culture will be left. That is the same as being oppressed by a foreign power. I believe that everyone should know and value their own culture. So that they can keep growing.'
Cintia Bolio Cintia Bolio