Sharad Sharma Nathan Mpangala Cintia Bolio
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Cintia Bolio:
'The Virgin of Guadalupe is the most important religious icon in Mexico. It is the symbol of Mexico and is considered - especially by the Catholic church - to be the mother of all Mexicans. The Catholic church earns a lot of money by selling copies of that symbol. And now things have been stirred up in Mexico. The copies of the Virgin of Guadalupe are now being made in and imported from China. They are made from cheap plastic. It is an enormous scandal that has made tongues wag.'

The Virgin of Guadalupe unites European and Indian roots. Briefly sketched, the story behind the symbol is the following. The Virgin of Guadalupe is said to have been seen as the Virgin Mary on 8 December 1531 by the saint Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin. Juan Diego was a converted Aztec. Maria is supposed to have told him to build a church on the spot where he saw her. The Bishop of Mexico did not believe Juan Diego and said that Maria would have to perform a miracle first. Then Juan Diego found roses on the Tepeyacac mountain in the winter. He plucked the roses and carried them to the bishop's palace in his coat. When he opened his coat there, an image of Maria could be seen. The men of the cloth were immediately convinced. Throughout the history of Mexico, the Virgin has been the symbol for freedom fighters and advocates for more rights for the indigenous people - after all, Juan Diego was an Indian.
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Juan Diego was sainted in 2002. Many Mexican
Catholics were extremely happy with this first
canonisation of an Indian. (source: Wikipedia).

The fact that the Virgin of Guadalupe is now being
made in China is causing quite a commotion.

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