Post Cultuur: Nederlandse ambassades met budget voor cultuur en ontwikkeling


ELIZABETHA BAKOVSKA: "As far as the institutional framework within which culture in Macedonia falls, it is primarily governmental: the Ministry of Culture and various institutions which reside under it are primarily responsible for the physical protection, preservation and maintenance of the cultural heritage. There are also a number of NGO-s in the area of culture, professional associations, individual artists and groups, whose scope of interest is both cultural tradition – such as folklore ensembles – as well as contemporary performing and other arts.

Culture remains quite low though on the government's agenda. There is an overall lack of government funding for 'soft' areas; insufficient awareness of the market possibilities of culture for a country; a lack of cultural self-awareness and knowledge of cultural tradition and heritage. Moreover, culture is a sensitive issue, especially with regards to the ethnic, religious and regional diversity in the country.

The embassy is well aware of the existing network of cultural institutions in Macedonia and cooperates with them, primarily within existing programmes and upon the initiative of the cultural institutions themselves. The Culture and Development Program of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has become operational for Macedonia as of 2004. We have decided to focus on two sectors: folk music /dance and the arts / (handi)crafts. Out of 450 proposals we have chosen eight projects: promotion of culture and tourism in the Reka region; preservation of old skills of embroidery, weaving, knitting and sewing in the Tetovo region; economic empowerment of handicapped people in Stip; promoting and preserving the filigree trade in Skopje in connection with economic empowerment of the young; preservation of the Roma heritage, especially music and oral tradition; development of the heritage of the village Galicnik in the Miac region, especially crafts and customs that are related to local weddings; integration of Chalgia music in contemporary music; promotion of knowledge in the field of old (handi)crafts among children from different ethnic backgrounds."

Culture Budget250.000 euro Since2004

Major projectsThe Old Trades - Live Witnesses of the Traditional Culture (Association for Dignity of Handicapped People) | The Young Cultural Bearers of Music Treasure and Oral Tradition of Roma | Life Tradition, Linking Chalgia with Contemporary Music

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