Post Cultuur: Nederlandse ambassades met budget voor cultuur en ontwikkeling


FREDERIEKE QUISPEL: "Cultural development could well play an important role in the social reconstruction of Rwanda and in preventing new conflicts. Emphasizing the shared cultural background contributes to the reconciliation of various ethnic groups. Furthermore, cultural forms of expression such as visual arts and theatre can help people in overcoming the traumas of the 1994 atrocities.

During the previous 12 years the Rwandan government has worked hard on the reconstruction of the country. The results are impressive, but there is very little attention for cultural development. Still, there is an increase in cultural initiatives. Films are being produced about Rwanda, an international theatre festival is being organized for January 2008, bands are mixing traditional Rwandan songs with modern music and young people attempt to express their own culture on the radio and in magazines. The cultural centre of the University in Butare, radio Contact FM and the youth magazine Blink are involved in many of these projects. However, many excellent ideas can not be realized without funding.

The embassy in Kigali hopes to qualify as a culture and development embassy this year. The funds that we would receive would enable us to increase our cooperation with the abovementioned organizations. Last year the embassy already financed the participation of the Rwandan National Ballet in the Dutch Festival Mundial.

I visited the modern dance performance 'Des Espoir' at the Cultural Centre in Butare last year. The story of the genocide was told in a room full of school children with a combination of modern dance and traditional rhythms and movements. The power of the music and the dancing, the dramatic events and the hope that was expressed for the future had a tangible effect on everyone present. If it was up to me, all Rwandan children would get to see this performance."


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