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TOM VAN ZEELAND: "Since 2005 the Consulate has worked together closely with Vietnamese dance institutes, particularly with the Ho Chi Minh City School of Dance and the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet and Orchestra.

In 2005 prominent Dutch experts travelled to Vietnam to visit dance performances and to talk to dancers about joint projects in the future. It was concluded that there is plenty of ‘excellent dancing talent’ in Vietnam but there was a lack of professional training and knowledge of modern dancing and choreography. The Netherlands has something to offer in that area.

In 2006 a young Vietnamese dancer started studying at the Codarts University of Professional Arts Education in Rotterdam and he began his internship at Dance Works Rotterdam. In addition, Dutch dancing teachers gave dance workshops in Vietnam in 2006. This will be repeated in 2007. The Ho Chi Minh School of Dance has taken the initiative to cooperate with the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg.

Art plays an important role in Vietnam. The Vietnamese read a lot and they often go to performances.

Vietnam is a 'Socialist Republic' and everything, even art, is usually subject to strict hierarchy. In fact, a great deal of control is exercised. In spite of this, by being flexible and creative, opportunities are created. It is particularly the arts sector that has a relatively large number of free thinkers, giving a voice to exceptional cultural attitudes and art forms.

Last October Marjory Hellstone gave a workshop on African dance to students at the School of Dance here. I attended a presentation afterwards. It was very special to see how driven and enthusiastic the Vietnamese dancers were in rehearsing an African dance with a Surinamese/Dutch dancer. It couldn't have been more international!"

Culture Budget100.000 euro   Since2005

Major projects Publication of the book: The relationships between the Netherlands and Vietnam from the 17th century to the present | Cooperation with Vietnamese dancing schools and dance workshops | Book restoration project in cooperation with the General Sciences Library


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