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De kracht van Cultuur

Ever since the late 1980s, P. Rajagopal has been teaching Kaittakkuttu theatre courses to children in his village. From his own experience he knew that it had become increasingly difficult to survive as an actor in contemporary Indian society without a decent education in general subjects.
Together with the Sangam he developed plans for a full-time theatre study programme for children, with room in the curriculum for subjects such as Tamil, English, Computer skills , and Mathematics.

In October 2002, the school started with 21 pupils who board near the school. The days are divided into two parts: general subjects and Kuttu. Their acting and music teachers are actors and musicians from the Sangam. They teach the children their art in a playful manner. In March 2003 the first group gave its first performance. In October 2003 the second year started. The school has 29 pupils now, seven girls and 22 boys. The youngest pupil is five years old and the oldest is fourteen.

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