June 2006

The Prince Claus Fund, platform for intercultural exchange, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Eleven people from the extensive network of the Fund explain why culture is not a luxury. Also, a speech on the topic of Culture and Development by Prince Claus, the inspirator of the Fund, is included in this special edition of the Power of Culture.

Els van der Plas

Els van der Plas, director Prince Claus Fund

"Being aware and proud of your culture is an excellent starting point for development."

Wasip Diop

Wasip Diop, musical director of the Sahel Opera

"Art is a way of bringing people together."

Abdul Sheriff

Abdul Sheriff, historian, former director National Museum Zanzibar

"Culture includes a society’s history and traditions, its past and therefore its future."

Bruno Stagno

Bruno Stagno, architect, founder Instituto de Arquitectura Tropical

"Architecture has a responsibility, in the sense that it defines the human habitat."

Peter Stepan

Peter Stepan, editor Prince Claus Fund Library

"Books can literally 'change the world'."

Sofia Saavedra

Sofia Saavedra, architect, co-founder Supersudaca

"We are like a guerilla movement that is keen to harass Latin America with architectural ideas."

ElYovita Meta

Yovita Meta, founder Biboki Weavers

"The Biboki women are treated with more respect because of what they contribute to the community."

Melle Jaarsma

Mella Jaarsma, artist, director Cemeti Art House

"Artists are taking an active part in the current changes."

Zeina Arida

Zeina Arida, director Arab Image Foundation

"Knowing one’s culture is knowing one’s self."

Iwana Chronis

Louk de la Rive Box, chair of the Steering Committee of CER

"Culture is crucial for the mental survival of people struck by disaster."

Martin Inthamoussú

Martin Inthamoussú, choreographer, initiator dance festival Montevideo Sitiada

"Culture is a kind of food, and we are feeding the people."

Prins Claus

Prince Claus

"The building of national culture is both a legitimate goal of development and may even be a prerequisite for material progress."