(Jakarta 1974)
Ade Darmawan graduated at the Yogyakarta art academy in Indonesia.
He came to the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in January 1998 for a two-year working period. This was his first time in Europe and, given his connection with the social and political situation in Indonesia, he cannot give full expression to his political engagement here in this luxurious western artistic isolation. “I am learning to know myself, I fight with my anger, rage and boredom. I am here, because I want to return.” In his work he constantly searches for communication with his public. This is how he came to make “Thanks” at the Rijksakademie. Cakes are set out for the visitor but they are only attainable by crossing the floor that has been covered with jelly...
The role of the artist and the role that art can play in society are of particular interest to him. With the knowledge that he acquired at the Rijksakademie he returned to Jakarta where he established the ruangrupa artists’ initiative.
Ade Darmawan’s work can be seen in exhibitions in Indonesia and Europe.


Ade in project Open Circle

Ade in project TRAMA


Horizontal Chilis

Are we Happy?