The 4th ASEM top (Asia Europe meeting) in Copenhagen was accompanied by the ASIAN COMMENTS cultural programme.
The public in the streets of Copenhagen were treated to visual arts, photography, light and sound installations and musical, acrobatic and dance performances.
Work by Ade Darmawan was to be seen in the ASIAN IMAGES AND SOUND: Everyday Life Programme. In the evenings he screened the Horizontal Chilis video in a shop window for passers by.
The video gives a glimpse into a special room found in many houses in Jakarta: the “transit room”. Here people meet, watch television, eat and chat. The room has a public function; a lounge, a salon, where friends and family drop in before making their way back into the bustling crowds in the city.
Ruangrupa is currently preparing the Apartment Project which examines traditional “horizontal” Indonesian architecture and culture, set against the present-day “vertical” skyscrapers in Jakarta.


Ade Darrmawan

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