”We are the world” is the title of the exhibition in the Netherlands Pavilion at the fiftieth Biennial of Venetia. Curator Rein Wolfs compiled a group exhibition together with an international party of engaged artists who respond to society in their work. Erik van Lieshout and Jeanne van Heeswijk come from the Netherlands. Carlos Amorales, Alicia Framis and Meschac Gaba, all former participants at the Rijksakademie, were born in Mexico, Spain and Benin, respectively, but work as artists in the Netherlands. The exhibition is an artistic statement that speaks out for the qualities of a multicultural society.

In the “Ginger Bar” by Meschac Gaba, visitors can reflect on what they have seen at the Biennial over a glass of African ginger beer brewed by the artist.
The bar is in the shape of a small boat with which Gaba revives elements of his African origin. With the “Ginger Bar” he emphasises the importance of the role of art as a meeting place. The bar is once again the next museum space in Gaba’s project “The Museum of Contemporary African Art”.


Biennial of Venetia

Netherlands Pavilion "we are the world"

Museum of Contemporary African Art


Meschac Gaba