Are we amused? Poster


During his working period at the Rijksakademie Ade Darmawan focused on what he considers the dubious role of journalism and advertising. People have become dependent on the mass media and the manipulative images that these frequently generate. By using the same means (catching images, slogan-like texts and reproduction) he hopes to lay bare these illusions.
Are we Happy? is the title of a series of posters that Darmawan pasted up illegally in the centre of Amsterdam in 1999. He used recognisable images that refer to health, desire, knowledge and war. On these he superimposed the texts: "are we happy", “are we together", "are we secure". It is as if the posters were announcing a party, a play or a slimming advertisement. Darmawan appeals to the “we” and “us” feeling. Only - who are “we” and who and what should we do to help who or what?


Ade Darrmawan


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