Meschac Gaba and Ade Darmawan, artists from Benin and Indonesia, respectively, play the leading role on this web site. Both have further developed their work at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in a two-year working period. Bewegingen reveals the “journey” and the movements around the art (profession) of these artists. It lays bare a large worldwide network of contacts and initiatives around them and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten.

After a working period at the Rijksakademie, (non-western) artists sometimes opt to remain in the Netherlands. Meschac Gaba, by now an internationally renowned artist, is one such example. He is an important player within both Dutch and international artistic circles. Because he maintains strong bonds with his country of origin he is also a shining example and is a source of inspiration for artists there.
The non-western policy of the Rijksakademie also has wider effects. Other artists, after their working period, return to their country of origin where they spread the knowledge, contacts and experience they have acquired by teaching or, for example, by establishing their own artists’ platform, such as Ade Darmawan with the ruangrupa initiative in Jakarta.
Within the framework of the collaboration via RAIN Artists’ Initiatives Network, the Rijksakademie supports artists in giving shape to their plans, with fund-raising and presentations.
The non-western policy of the academy not only affects the development of the individual artists, it also reinforces local infrastructures in non-western countries and the emancipation of non-western art in a global perspective.

With thanks to: Ade Darmawan, Alexandra and Meschac Gaba, Cemeti Art Gallery, Galerie Schone Kunsten | Haarlem, Africaserver, Edith Rijnja, Gertrude Flentge, Rijksakademie, all partners in RAIN.

Tekst, vsual editing: Pinque Bueters

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The non-western policy of the Rijksakademie is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Development Cooperation and Stichting Doen