With the creation of a Museum of Contemporary African Art, Gaba criticises the way in which western organisations present or fail to present African art. He endeavours to expose outdated and fixed ideas about African art. Gaba also points to the total absence of museums for contemporary art or a gallery circuit in African countries. Gaba's museum is not only intended for the western art world but more for fellow African artists. Just as his museum has no walls, Gaba wants to show that there is no need of four walls to exhibit art.

Meschac Gaba embarked on his “Museum of Contemporary African Art” project during his stay at the Rijksakademie. He presented here his first space of the museum, "The Draft room".
In recent years he has created other spaces in the museum that have been displayed in exhibitions all over Europe.


The Museum Shop

The Salon

Museum of Contemporary African Art

The Museum Restaurant

The Gameroom

The Library

Meschac Gaba


The Ginger Bar



The Gingerbar