OK videofestival


Ruangrupa recently organised the first Biennial for Video Art in Jakarta: O.K. Video.
At the festival video and new media art was on display by national and international artists. A diversity of styles, techniques and concepts were presented in exhibitions and screenings. The presence of artists from divers countries and cultures was also used to exchange ideas in meetings, workshops and other collaborative projects.
Via the RAIN network participants and former participants of the Rijksakademie were invited to the festival. Stani Michiels (B) gave an “artist talk” and video works by Agnes Geoffray (F), Xuan Kan (CHIN), Tiong Ang (NL), Sebastian Diaz Morales (AR), Delphine Bedel (F), Yael Bartana (ISR) and advisor Anne-mie van Kerckhoven (B) were presented. Greg Streak from the PULSE artists’ imitative from South Africa compiled and screened a presentation of South African video art.





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Xuan Khan

Agnes Geoffray

OK Video festival

Stani Michiels