James Beckett: Herring, winnaar Kunst en Publieke Ruimte 2003

The Prix de Rome is the oldest and largest incentive prize in the Netherlands for artists and architects up to the age of 35.
The Prix de Rome is awarded in ten disciplines, two of which are awarded annually. Last year these were Sculpture and Art, and the Public Space. Following a preliminary selection of the work submitted, four candidates go through to the final round. They make a new work of art for which a budget and studio space are made available. The jury awards the prizes on the basis of the presentation of this work. Ryan Gander (Sculpture) and James Beckett (Art and Public Space) won the Prix de Rome in 2003.





Prix de Rome

James Beckett

Exhibition Prix de Rome 2003 in GEM, Den Haag

James Beckett in Artbakery