Synthetic Reality

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sound and video installation

Li Yinbin has always been fascinated by the representation of temporality and the ways and possibilities in which we perceive events unfolding. In the last decades he has made numerous unedited real-time recordings of non-dramatic events, or rather, nonevents. For example, in Face 4, he recorded the reflection of his own face on a windowpane against a cityscape at the moment of sunset and as the night falls, the reflection of his face gradually appeared while the cityscape slowly faded into darkness. Those works are usually very long in duration and arduous for their beholders. In Synthetic Reality he showed a new piece called Sun, a 60 minute video loop recording of a window through which the winter afternoon sun passed. The piece is a denotation of an unfolding temporality, in which nothing seems to happen, but which is in fact everything that happens in our everyday life. Li Yongbin’s work has made the sense of time radically acute, at the same time, it leads us into a state of meditating time, the lapse of time, the meanings of time and life.. The video image is accompanied by a piece of music by Bach which is slowed down to 50%. The audio-visual superimposition is likely to arise in the viewers a faint emotion of sweet sadness.


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