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Yuri from Japan imitates the sound of a tidal wave caused by the greenhouse effect. André from Brazil imitates the cry of the Tikuna tribe from the Amazon region. You can hear these sounds on 'Make a noise', sounds with a message on Radio Earth Summit. Visitors are invited to submit their own sounds: roar like a tiger against deforestation, cry like mother earth against contamination.
Radio Earth Summit is one of the web sites reporting on the UN summit for sustainable development in Johannesburg, from 26 August through 4 September 2002. Many people believe this congress is too important to leave the coverage to the regular media. Radio Earth Summit, an initiative of the international Friends of the Earth, wants to give those who suffer at the hands of the multinationals a voice. The visitor can listen to a large collection of stories and interviews.

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Radio Earth Summit, 01-09-2002

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