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The Rosetta Project

The Rosetta Project strives to register as many languages as possible before they die. In the form of a book, on a disk that must last two thousand years, and on a website. The website contains a growing collection of descriptions, vocabularies and grammars of more than one thousand languages. With its objective of including a translation of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, the project reveals its Western roots.
A search based on a country renders interesting results: for the Netherlands, for example, twenty-four languages were listed, including Flemish, Frisian, Koradji, Bur and Yiddish. If you succeed in completely reading the instructions in English, you can submit a contribution. An audio file containing spoken Koradji, for example!
The Rosetta Project is an initiative of the Long Now Foundation, an organisation that focuses on cultural projects over an extraordinarily long term, including a clock that is to keep on ticking for ten thousand years.

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